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Agency of the Year Award 2020 - Mobile Marketing Agency

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The perfect Digital Marketing Solution for your busines growth

Roots Digital provides the best services for your company to grow your revenues online, and you will see the growth of your company better day by day
How we can work together

Choose How We Work Together: From One-Time-Audits to Done-For-You-Everything

Outsource all your marketing to us or have us to help your internal get better. You choose the style of engagement

Deep One-Time Audit

Get detailed to-do’s to hit your goals faster than ever before

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Strong One-Time Setup

We’ll build high performing engine and you run it by yourself

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Ongoing Consulting

Get ongoing step-by-step advice with data-driven prioritization

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Pure Performance

Revenue split partnership. Less risk for you, higher reward for us

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The industries we work with

Roots Digital Marketing Agency push for a holistic digital marketing practice. We are proud to have collaborated with these industries in unleashing their full digital potential for maximum growth and performance.

Companies that trust us

Orita Sinclair Design & Music School

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I am very impressed with their professionalism, their knowledge of digital marketing and the expertise they possessed. I am equally impressed by their execution speed and their ability to resolve issues quickly.

This is a very passionate team full of enthusiasm, highly responsive and provides good customer service.

We enjoy working with them!

FAQs you need to know about Roots Digital

The cost of hiring a digital marketing agency in Singapore varies depending various factors, such as, scope of work, level of involvement and size of the agency. The cost for SEO services will differ from media buying and management services, such as SEM and Facebook advertising. Unlike SEO services, aside from agency management fees, you also need to take the media budget into consideration, which is paid to Google and Facebook. Some digital marketing agencies offer services in the following models: done for you or done with you. A higher level of involvement needed from the agencies will result in higher agency fees.

Unlike traditional creative agencies, a digital creative agency offers you creative support in digital channels such as Social Media and PR. They will help you to develop creative directions for your social media content, from content management to influencer management. In order to ensure consistency in your brand messaging across all digital channels.

Digital marketing services are professional services offered by specialised digital marketing agencies that help you market or advertise your business online, using channels such as search (e.g. Google and Bing), social media (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube), and buying paid media. Unlike traditional marketing channels like print or television, where agencies hands off the moment ads are rolled out and will only review it when campaign ends, digital marketing will require the digital marketing agencies to offer ongoing support such as ads testing, landing page optimisation and conversion rate optimisation.

Digital marketing channels are commonly broken down into the following areas:

  1. Search engine optimisation
  2. Pay per click advertising (Google Ads)
  3. Social media marketing and advertising
  4. Content marketing
  5. Email marketing
  6. Mobile marketing
  7. Affiliate marketing

In our opinion, there isn’t a best digital marketing strategy or channels. It needs to be customised to your business. For example, SEO and pay per click advertising might work for most businesses. But if your business is a new brand and promoting a product or service that is a new category where no one knows, search engine marketing will not be the right channel for you. For a search channel to work, your brand, product or service needs to be known before someone can decide to search for you. A channel like social media advertising will be much more effective as it pushes the ads to your ideal audience.

What's the difference between SEO and SEM? The main difference is that Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is focused on optimising a website in order to get traffic from organic search results. Whereas, the goal of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is to get traffic and visibility from both organic and paid search ads, such as Google Ads.

Better digital marketing performance is ready for you - are you?

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