A Simple Guide Through the Anatomy of a Landing Page

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    Managing an ecommerce business takes a lot of time and practice to learn the effective methods on how to gain traction to your store. Creating a landing page is essential in the marketing aspect because this is where you’ll draw people to your site.

    The landing page they’ll see has to look great and be comprehensible so they can understand what you’re trying to sell them. There are different key points you have to consider when you create a landing page. 

    Now let’s break down what are the key aspects every landing page needs!

    What is a landing page?

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    Let’s start with defining what a landing page is and what it does for your business. 

    A landing page is essentially the page people end up on after they click on your ad in social media. This page summarizes the product or service you’re selling through exceptional graphic design and a detailed description on what you’re offering.

    Here, you are providing all the necessary information needed to catch their attention and urge any visitors to purchase and try out your product or service. Entice them with sweet features that stand out and you can even include a promo if they buy it now!

    Importance of a landing page

    It’s necessary to have a landing page as part of the marketing process because it’s what will summarize the product for anyone who clicks the ad.

    In the marketing campaign, it starts off with the ad itself which can be posted on social media like:

    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Instagram
    • Email campaigns. 

    People who are interested in the product will proceed to click on the advertisement and that’s where the landing page enters in. 

    All details need to be listed in the content so the potential customer is informed on what they’ll be getting if they purchase it. The landing page is basically how you’ll showcase the best quality products to promote your business to garner attention. 

    What makes the perfect landing page

    There are different types of tools and platforms you can use to design the layout of your landing page. It always comes with the basic foundations of what a landing page needs:

    • Design templates
    • Headers
    • Areas for content
    • CTA button
    • Social Proof
    • Forms
    • Footer.

    Having these sections in the landing page proves to be a very effective way to utilize the landing page’s purpose. 

    Its purpose is always to attract and convert visitors into customers for a more direct approach in achieving sales. This is the end goal of any ad campaign set by a company when it comes to marketing. 

    Core elements of a landing page

    When creating a landing page, it’s important to consider the order and anatomy of it. Understanding what the core elements are will assist you in making an effective method to get your store known and drive customers to make a purchase. 

    Headline / Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

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    The headline is the first part that will catch the reader’s eye so it has to be compelling. Place the proper keywords that are relevant to your product or service so anyone knows what you’re selling.

    Another key factor you have to include in your headline is the unique selling proposition. This usually entails a detail that makes the product distinct from other competitors. It’s important to identify your product will stand out because this is what will catch any visitor’s attention. 

    Call to action statement / Description

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    Usually, the call to action (CTA) statement or button appears in the content or at the end of it. It’s better that it’s written as a catchy line with a sense of urgency to get their attention. Keep it brief and concise to what action you want to direct your customers to for their order. 

    Social Proof / Testimonials

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    List down reviews and testimonials made by people who have tried out your product or service. Anyone who visits the landing page can view how other customers liked the product and possible other important information. 

    This can improve your chances of attaining more customers because it just goes to show you’re a reliable source for that product or service. You can display these testimonials through short text or in a video so readers can see how legit it is. 


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    Adding the footer can be part of the template given, but avoid adding any links to blogs or other store-related content. It might damage your site’s performance if you do so. It’s advisable that if you want to keep a footer section, then you can simply put an updated copyright and privacy policy for your site at the bottom. 


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    Once a customer has signed up, you can place a form they can fill out to obtain the necessary information needed. This information serves useful during email campaigns because you can advertise more of your products to them after their purchase. 

    Optimize the landing page to have a form attached to it for access to the information they provide so it’s easier to send the appropriate emails to welcome them. 


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    Everything the reader needs to know will be found in the content. Pay attention to how it’s written, its cohesiveness, and the delivery of the message. The reader’s decision on becoming a customer will all be based on how the content is made on the landing page.

    From the little details like grammar and images or videos to the layout and CTA button, this can determine if your product appeals to your target audience. 

    Grammar and relevant topics

    Content is only seen as valid and reliable when it’s written well. Sloppy writing can give the reader different impressions about what you’re selling. It can even leave your potential customer confused and effectively losing one since they will leave if the content doesn’t make any sense. 

    Write and edit the content until it’s impeccable! Double check if the right words are used and that you’re able to deliver the message of your product in the content. Readers must be able to understand it with little to no issue for a more effective ad campaign. 


    Keep descriptions of every feature in the content brief and concise. A tip for this is to break down the key points of your product or service into bullet points. It looks cleaner and easy to look at at first glance. 

    The descriptions should sound knowledgeable and accurately define what you’re selling. Try to avoid writing lengthy paragraphs of information because people don’t usually stay long on a landing page to only read through the product’s details. 

    Highlight the features that you deem important and eye-catching for any reader to drive them to buy your product right away!

    Images and videos

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    Visual aid helps any visitor fully understand and get a grasp of the content. Sometimes words aren’t enough to fully show the potential of your product.

    Include images and videos in your content so people can view or watch to gauge if this is what they are looking for. Demonstrate what your product or service can do for your target audience to properly represent it and its main function. 

    Call to action (CTA) button

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    As mentioned before, a CTA button is always in or at the end of the content for the landing page. It is meant to alert the reader that they can click on it to go straight to the promotion or order you’re presenting them. 

    Typically, you can use a quick phrase like “Buy it now!” or “Pay now and try it out!” to urge them to check out your product. This quickly draws their attention and gives you a better opportunity to convert them into customers once they click that button. 

    Review on how you can fully utilize landing pages

    The landing page is a part of the process of converting a reader to a customer so it’s key that you get this done right. This step comes right after you lure customers in with an ad on social media, so you have to maintain their interest in this stage as well.

    Make sure that all the information you write can fit in one page to minimize the amount of navigation your reader will have to go through. Scrolling through endless information dump about your product can possibly drive them away.

    Avoid adding too many interlinked pages in the content because it can damage your page’s performance. An abundance of links can possibly distract the reader from focusing all the information provided, further delaying the time they could become a buyer. 

    You could always link your homepage as your version of a landing page, but it’s more advisable that you design a landing page specifically for the advertisement linked to it. It’s been proven to be more effective in gaining attention and increasing the conversion rate for customers. 

    Effect on conversion rate

    As it was previously stated, the overall purpose of a landing page is to significantly increase the conversion rate. Test how effective your landing page is by using A/B testing to check what designs are more effective in getting the job done.

    A/B testing tools can provide live feedback for the website’s performance and see which one draws the most attention. Mix and match between designs to see which achieve successful results in the conversion rate.

    Take note of all these core elements that make up the anatomy of a landing page so you can achieve success in driving visitors to buying your product and becoming a customer today!

    Clarissa Panganiban

    Clarissa Panganiban

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