Evergreen Content: Solidifying Your Content Marketing Strategy

Evergreen Content: Solidifying Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Evergreen as defined by the Cambridge dictionary means always seeming fresh or remaining popular; as a tree, it is a plant having foliage that remains green and functional through more than one growing season, as Merriam-Webster puts it. 

These descriptions only point out the same thing, relevancy, freshness and function throughout more than one season. 

And as for you who strive to nail Google’s First-page goal, you need to produce evergreen content. Our article will help you find your strokes on evergreen content to strengthen your content marketing strategy today and for the rest of your digital marketing journey. 

What is Evergreen Content?

green tree as a visual of evergreen content

Evergreen content is an SEO strategy aiming to ensure that the content we produce or publication materials we share with our audiences remains relevant, and beneficial, and can still rank high on Google even after its publication date. 

Why is Evergreen Content Important?

Interest will disappear and traffic will plummet no matter how brilliantly written your article and well executed your content materials are out there. That’s how things work in the digital market, and the last thing that we want is to make a good comeback on SERPs.

Incorporating evergreen can make your brand’s content:

  1. Increase your traffic because SEO-optimised content will rank in Google and earn organic traction for the next years. 
  2. Look flexible and shareable across different platforms you maintain under your business because you may repurpose them into tidbits of valuable information to spread across your social media accounts. 
  3. Earn more backlinks. It is essential to gain links from credible sources, but it is more significant if people would want to link with you. 
  4. It helps you with Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness OR E-A-T. These three factors play a central role in Google rankings.

Evergreen content is essential to your content marketing strategy because it can free you from the hamster wheel of content creation. It will save you time and resources to create posts that compete and ranks in organic search even after a week or two. 

What Type of Content is Not Evergreen?

2. What Type of Content is Not Evergreen

The following are a few examples of articles that are not regarded as an evergreen:

  • news reports
  • Pop Culture: movies, TV shows, and celebrities
  • fads or current trends
  • Data that will probably change quickly
  • articles offering advice on current fashions and clothing trends
  • articles relating to a certain holiday

The news about COVID-19 would be another excellent example of non-evergreen content. The information regularly changes, therefore any posts that referenced it are now out of date, even though they might be pertinent for a few days or even a few months.

How to Maintain Your Content’s Evergreen Status?

SEO strategist doing keyword research for evergreen content

Look for High-Quality Traffic Prone Keywords

As the name suggests, evergreen topics shouldn’t be losing popularity.

When doing keyword research be mindful to get topics or themes that remain more popular. There are online SEO tools, like Ahrefs, that can help you look for the trends graph that presents the keywords’ strength, traffic, and popularity.  

How to Find Evergreen Keywords

  • Establish the theme that you want for your blog
  • Come up with the list of topics you want to focus on your publication materials.
  • Run these topics using Ahrefs’ Keywords Explorer  to check if its gaining or losing popularity over time
  • You may use Google Trends to counter check your chosen keywords for additional data to use when deciding the right pool of keywords to include in your website. 

Optimise for SEO

Once you’ve decided which keywords to add, you must take on-page optimization into account. If your content is not authentic, visitors will soon discredit your site if you fill it with keywords because it will feel strange to them. On-page SEO optimization best practices include:

Avert Time-Sensitive Topics

Observe the keywords or terminology you use in your evergreen content carefully. Dates can make your content seems outdated. Refrain from using language like:

  • a year ago;
  • yesterday;
  • this month’s early.

Use wording that, ideally, doesn’t even hint at the time the item was created.

Avoid Employing Short-Lived Languages.

content writer editing a content

Be cautious when using unnecessarily technical jargon after completing your keywords and evergreen themes. Yes, it may draw in customers, particularly those who are unfamiliar with your business. But it may also keep readers away from checking out other content. 

In other words, it should be approachable and available to anyone.

If properly designed, your evergreen content has a strong likelihood of being among the top results on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). In order to prevent alienating your audience, it’s imperative to refrain from writing in excessively technical jargon.

Monitor Your Rankings.

SEO performance report

While your topic may be evergreen, your content may not be if Google gradually lowers your rankings.

Make use of the free online rank tracker to keep monitor of this. 

We want you to know that when your rankings drop, I don’t signify your content is no longer relevant. There’s this possibility that more people are on the same content that you have. 

However, if your rivals are ranking higher than you, it does indicate that they are performing better than you, therefore it is still worthwhile to investigate this.

Build Backlinks

Evergreen content is a great link bait because it is simpler to outrank pages with fewer links.

Even years after it first goes live, an evergreen article can still gain backlinks. Additionally, evergreen posts have a good search engine ranking because they are link magnets.

Google stated that backlinks are a significant ranking component. If your page only has little backlinks, it won’t be hard for someone to outrank you, regardless of how frequently you refresh your page.

Update Your Material

Update, republish, and market it again.

It must be kept current at all times. Evergreen content shouldn’t require much updating, but there will inevitably be new discoveries, articles you can link to, and other developments. 

Updates to content and the date it was released can also benefit SEO rankings. Promote your material as if it were new after you’ve changed it. 

As Neil Patel puts it, it is a well-established norm that maintaining evergreen content can significantly improve SEO rankings.

What are the Best Practices for Evergreen Content?

Writing an evergreen content

Incorporate Sustainability and Timelessness in Equal Measure.

There are essentially two different kinds of evergreen content: information that lives despite the passage of time and shifting cultural norms, and content that, if neglected and not updated to take into account new developments in technology, loses its significance and relevance over time.

Use Social Media to Promote Your Evergreen Content.

List of social media that can be used to promote evergreen content

As you add new content, posts that you first publish sink lower and lower in the feed. 

It makes it more difficult for people to locate. You must occasionally promote your older content on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms.

If you decide to repurpose or update your articles, promote them again to get even more viewers.

Use a Pillar Page to Connect the Evergreen Bits.

Many brands publish high-quality, evergreen material on their blogs, only to watch it get buried by the constant stream of new blog articles.

Adding a page that emphasises and organises your evergreen content to your website can also be a useful strategy for boosting interlinking. 

Interlinking can improve your SEO and search ranks and give Google’s crawlers the impression that your pages are more authoritative.

Final thoughts

We always aim for supremacy on search engines. There are many strategies we are willing to try and implement to ensure we bagged the first-page prestige on Google and the quality of the materials we put out in the cloud defines how serious we are in taking this endeavour. 

Content is king. But evergreen content is everlasting. Of course no one promise it’ll be easy, but we assure you it’s all worth it in the end. 

Evergreen content is a product of a well-planned content strategy and brilliant article execution. It will offer you more advantages than you’d ever thought. 

Roots Digital aims to help you with your evergreen content. We believe it is one of the solutions to create a strong foundation that can be grown and strengthened over time. It will set your website or blog apart from the competition.

If you are curious how we make evergreen content to the brands we collaborate, check out our bespoke SEO content services today. 


What is an evergreen content example?

– Articles about History, Resources, and FAQs
– Checklists
– Manuals or How-Tos blogs
– Dos’ and Donts’
– Glossary

What is Evergreen content?

It takes little to no updating, reformatting, or thickening to create content that is still relevant. They are not time-sensitive, direct traffic to high-yielding landing sites, and remains relevant over time.

What are evergreen topics?

An evergreen theme is one that your audience will always find interesting. Even if it appears out of nowhere, you can still dominate the marketing field.

How do you post evergreen content?

– Aim for a balance of sustainability and timelessness
– Promote your evergreen content on social media
– Connect evergreen pieces with a pillar page
– Update older evergreen pieces.
– Experiment with different forms of content

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