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Sell With the Best Product Landing Page

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Millions of products are being sold around the world and the question is how do you make yours stand out among the rest. It’s one thing to advertise your product online, it’s another to actually convert interested readers into customers.

Setting up a landing page that centers around a specific product takes time and consideration. Your company will be reflected in the way you present your product, but no worries! We’re here to tell you the dos and don’ts when it comes to creating this type of landing page. 

So let’s get started in putting together the perfect product landing page to showcase what you have to offer!

What is a product landing page?

If your business specializes in ecommerce, then a product landing page is what you need! A product landing page’s aim is to promote and sell the product instantly to the visitor. 

Products can come in the physical and/or digital form. A member subscription can also be considered as a product so it falls under this landing page category. 

There is a wide range of what your product can be for this kind of landing page specifically, so here are some examples that are applicable:

  • Physical items (e.g. skincare products, electronics)
  • Digital tools and content (e.g. software, applications)
  • Membership / Subscription

Brief description of what a landing page is

In general, a landing page is meant to give visitors awareness regarding a product or service that the company is providing online. The main purpose of a landing page is to drive the visitors into acting upon their purchase, successfully converting them into a customer. 

There are a variety of types under this umbrella term such as webinar landing pages and product landing pages. The latter is what we’ll be discussing in this article. 

What makes it different from a regular landing page

There is only one distinct difference between a landing page and a product landing page—the presentation of the product. The marketing in the content also has to be so compelling that it’ll make the visitor want to become a customer. 

All features put into a product landing page will be entirely focused on hyping up what the product is and​​​​—to an extent—the company. How the product is presented will reflect what the company is like. People can tell if you’ve put in a lot of effort in making sure the product is created from high-quality ingredients as well. 

Popular methods in effective online product selling

The internet has been expanding their ways on how they can show you products or services that might interest you based on the algorithm of your search history. Luckily, there’s a way you can bypass that as a seller. 

All you need to do is pay to place your advertisements online. These types of ads will be placed on any social media platform you paid for, including Google. Through this, you’ll be able to reach a wider range of people online, increasing the possibility of getting your product noticed. 

Paid Advertisement 

Paid advertisements have a higher chance of reaching more people when they search up any keyword related to your product. It is more effective when it’s on social media because that’s where most users are active nowadays.

This can be displayed in the form of social media ads that can pop up on your newsfeed. This proves to be able to gain more traction as long as the ad looks appealing to bring in visitors to your site. 

With Google, you can easily monitor the progress of your paid advertisements and see what’s effective in gaining traffic to your site. 

Offers / promotions (selling point)

Another way you can entice people to buy your product is by placing offers and promotions as the selling point. Everyone loves a good discount off any kind of product especially if it’s on demand or the latest trend.

To get people’s attention, highlight and display what the key selling point of the product is! Pick an aspect that screams this product or service is unique and make it stand out in the meta title and description. 

Best ways to create an effective product landing page

In order to lure the reader in, you have to set up your content to be comprehensible and attractive to them. Think of it as using your content to market your product or service and all of this has to be done in one page.

That’s the tricky part about this. When you create a product landing page, you have to grab their attention with an ad then maintain that as they peruse the page. The content has to be interesting enough to get them to purchase the product when they arrive on the page. 

Let’s discuss about the steps you need to consider when you’re creating every section of the product landing page:

Identify your target audience

First, consider who would truly benefit from your product. Use the site’s demographics to your advantage to observe what are the common factors of your target audience. 

For example, your store sells toys for kids. People who would be interested in this would be the kids themselves and their families. So from here, you have to consider what graphic design layout and overall content would appeal to this target demographic. 

There are other questions you can ask yourself as you create the ad and its respective landing page:

  1. What colors would appeal to the audience and match the product?
  2. Is it easy to read / comprehensible for the reader? 
  3. How will you make it eye-catching so people will visit the page ?
  4. How will people benefit from your product?
  5. What makes your product or service unique?

Social media ads for products

The best and most popular way for you to let people know about your company or product is by putting up ads on any social media platform. With product landing pages, it’s a bit easier to advertise to your target audience because everyone’s online!

As mentioned before, there are two ways you can go about this. You can highlight the main feature of your product that makes it stand out among its competitors. 

There is also the other option of showing off a promo or discount offer to show how much they can save by getting it now. It’s definitely eye-catching for people who are already interested in the product and want to get it at a cheaper price.


Making an attractive ad isn’t the only way to convert visitors into customers. How your product sells all relies on how well you present it in the content for its landing page. 

Factors on how well the page performs can range from its headline, description, highlights, and media used to describe it. Its performance is measured by this and that’s what determines its rank on the Google search results page.

Let’s discuss in detail about how each section is important in creating a high-quality product landing page:

Overall design / layout

When it comes to building any kind of business, you have to think about how you want to portray it—essentially what is the image of your company.

From the logo to the color scheme, these are important to decide on because the representation of your company is how visitors will remember you. First impressions last so it’s best you capture their attention from the get-go.


Short, brief, and witty. These are three key points you have to hit if you want to make an effective headline. 

One of the best ways you can pull people in is by presenting what kind of solution your product or service can do for them. This way, anyone has an idea what fruitful results the product can give for their problem, which is highlighted with a pain point. 

Another way is by showing off what deals you have like “Save 50% off on lotion with

!”. It lets people know that they can get a good deal out of what you’re selling and also implements the FOMO method. 

Body / Description

The description is equally as important as the headline when it comes to marketing your product. 

This is where you describe what the product or service is and state the main purpose of the landing page. It can be in the form of a solution like: 

“Hate dry skin? Moisturize it with [brand name] that contains natural ingredients! Use this organic way of revitalizing your skin for long-term effectiveness.”

You can be more creative on how you want to present it, but what matters is that the brief description will truly reflect what your product is embodying. 

Key points of your product

This is the most crucial part of the landing page—highlighting what makes your product different and better than the competition. Since there’s so many similar products in the world, your challenge is to make yours stand out among the rest.

People may compare what you’re selling to other sellers’ products, but you have different ways to display the key points of what makes yours more beneficial. 

Pain Points and FOMO

FOMO, also known as the Fear Of Missing Out, is a marketing technique that lures people in by making them feel like they might miss out on something important. This is the perfect method to use when you’re advertising it as a promo or discounted product. 

Combining this method with establishing a pain point can make it more relatable to the reader, which can attract more people to click on the ad. It appeals to that feeling of finding the solution you need right when you need it.

Applying this method of appealing to the readers can increase your chances of getting more traction to your site and that specific product. 

Images & video media

For visitors to really understand and get to know what you’re selling, it’s highly advisable to upload images and a video to display your product. When you upload media to the landing page, always make sure it’s high-quality so your visitors can clearly see it.

Showing your products through high-quality resolution allows the viewers to check it out without having to physically be there. It gives them a better idea on what they could be spending their money on.

Also, note that creating high-quality videos and images can give a good impression to your visitors. It shows how much you’re willing to invest to make the product high-quality and they might feel the same when they buy it too. 

Social Proof

In order for potential customers to know that your product is legit, you have to have social proof somewhere in the content. This can be in the form of reviews or testimonials of people who have used your product or service. 

It goes without saying that you should put the most positive and detailed reviews about your product. People want to see what you can offer and if you truly delivered it in that aspect. 


Compared to other types of landing pages, SEO is a key factor to include in the content. Inserting keywords or phrases in the text is what will help make a landing page optimized to be found in search engines.

By default, landing pages aren’t optimized to be found by search engines, but place keywords related to your company or product might boost its ranking. It may not affect the page’s ranking itself, but it will get word out about your company even moreso. 

CTA button

Every landing page needs a CTA button whether it is shown as a button function or a form to fill out. What you need in either is a way to obtain the customer’s information so it can be added to your database.

Once it’s been added, you can use this to send them emails relevant to their interests. You can advertise your company and other products you’re selling this way. 

The ideal number of CTA functions in a product page must be at most 2 CTA buttons/forms

Popular product landing page examples

It’s not easy conceptualizing and creating a webpage from scratch. If you’re creating a landing page, you have to make the time and effort worth it.  

We’ve listed down a couple of product landing pages from well-known brands/companies you can check out for inspiration:

Asana Workload

Asana is a task management platform where you can oversee all the tasks you’ve assigned to your team. Its product landing page accurately portrays the image Asana is going for and they make it simple to understand.

It provides brief descriptions and highlights of their product and a CTA button so people can try it out immediately. Saying that the person can try it for free can grab their attention since anyone who needs a management tool would want to do the trial to see the features firsthand. 


Hive is another task management tool and it exemplifies a minimalistic style. Like Asana, it has a very straightforward design and already shows a way you can immediately sign up. 

It uses images to display what the product looks like once you use it on the desktop and a quick CTA to top it all off. Interested users can input their information or use their Gmail account to sign up and try out the product for free as a trial. 

Khan Academy

What’s interesting and unique about the design for Khan Academy’s product landing page is the fact that they have 3 CTA buttons depending on your needs. Usually, it’s best to not put too many CTAs, but they make it work!

This type of landing page was able to accommodate different sections of their target audience: students, parents, and teachers. Each has their own CTA button, which helps organize the information according to their respective category in the database. 


Netflix is the leading video streaming site online and it is one of the most popular choices for viewers. Since it’s very popular and became a well-known brand for this generation, their landing page is simple and straightforward. 

The landing page exhibits a clear and direct hook for the user to register an account already. All they need to do is input their email address and that’ll be their first step in making a Netflix account. 


You’ve probably heard of Stripe when you had to purchase an item at an online store. Stripe is a type of payment method application that lets you monitor your finances. 

This product landing page displays what the Stripe app looks like on desktop and mobile for people who want to monitor on the go. It also shows an example image on what the app looks like. Stripe’s sleek design makes it easier for even beginners to understand how to navigate through it. 

Product landing page templates 

There are times when your company might not have the resources or people who can build a landing page from scratch. Luckily, there are landing page templates online you can use for your products. 

We’ve narrowed down a couple of great product landing page you can use:


Showcase your product in the best way possible by using Minutes. You can display various sections such as highlights, description, and testimonials regarding your product. The Minutes template can market it from 10 different angles and it has a third party extension for MailChimp. 


With its chic design, O-SaaS offers a simpler way to display the key points and other descriptions that would depict your product accurately. Some of the sections include sponsors and pricing plans related to your product. 

You can access this template on Unbounce. 


Compared to other templates, Emexso has a more colorful approach in their designs. If you want your product to pop with color, then this is the template for you! It has custom icons you can include and a diverse selection of fonts and colors to choose from.

Try making your product landing page stand out with a colorful variant and eye-catching icons that you made yourself!


O-Book has been proven to be able to deliver high conversion results when you use this template. You can provide a very detailed description of what you’re selling as it allows you to write more in each section while keeping it easy on the eyes. 

The template offers a “Share to social media” function so people can spread the word about the page in their respective media. It has a straightforward layout and this template is also available on desktop and mobile.


Tomillo’s smooth navigation welcomes anybody to freely interact with the page. It is optimized with SEO-friendly functions that can be fully responsive on any device.

Present what you’re selling upfront with Tomillo as it serves multipurpose features to add to the user experience. This includes a contact page where it helps increase the conversion rate of visitors to customers. 

Final recommendations in product landing page creation

All in all, it’s up to your discretion on how the design looks and how the content will flow. What’s very important to keep in mind is that you have to make sure that you create an accurate and marketing depiction of your product or service.

The landing page will reflect the image your company gives off and for first-time visitors, it can leave a big impression on how it’s presented. 

Design an impressive landing page with high-quality content to drive your visitors to becoming your new customers today!

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) 

What is a product landing page?

A product landing page is what the visitor sees once they click on an ad that is relevant to the product or service they are looking for. This type of landing page specializes in promoting the product or service a company is providing for their target audience.

What should be included in a product landing page?

There are many aspects to consider when it comes to creating a product landing page. Various sections in the page help with the flow of how the reader will understand what you’re selling. 

Always have the following pieces of information included when making the landing page:

  • Headers and descriptions
  • Highlight of the product
  • Images and videos
  • Contact form / CTA button
  • Promos or offers (optional if applicable).

How many CTAS should be on a product landing page?

At most, two. 

Going beyond two can be overwhelming for a visitor and it can also be viewed as spam. For landing pages in general, the number of CTAs differs depending on the purpose of the page.

Product landing pages have only up to 2 CTA buttons/forms on the page. 

You must have at least one CTA on the landing page otherwise it defeats the purpose of creating this page. The CTA functions as a way to convert interested visitors into customers. 

How do you create a good product page?

It’s all about quality rather than quantity when it comes to creating a good product page. Focus on the content and how the product you’re selling is portrayed to the target audience. 

Ask yourself these questions as you start constructing your product landing page:

  • Does the page accurately portray what the product does?
  • Is it appealing? Would anyone want to buy the product based on its design layout and content?
  • Is the page depicted in a way where the target audience would enjoy looking at it?
  • Is the navigation simple enough for the user to go through the product landing page with little to no issue?

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