SAP Hybris: The Tool for Customer Experience and Management

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    SAP Hybris Overview

    SAP Hybris is an ecommerce platform specializing in management tools and customer engagement to boost its SEO score. It was created from Java Spring, making it available to anyone who wants to host their own website.

    It is the only ecommerce platform thus far that is able to deliver B2B (business-to-business) services and upgrade it to work similarly to B2C (business-to customer) sites as well. 

    Hybris is an ideal platform for medium and large-sized businesses due to its Omnichannel features. This allows it to connect with other channels with ease

    Hybris’ implementation to SEO

    The aim for all ecommerce businesses is to make their business well-known on the internet by having their site reach the number one search result page. Hybris assists in that through the usage of keywords to help boost your site’s rank in Google. 

    Keywords are essential in getting your business noticed because these are the words people search up regularly on any search engine. Hybris can insert the proper keywords needed in every product description or page to rank up.

    Knowing what these keywords are will help your pages get noticed faster as Google has bots that crawl on every page and index it. There are multiple factors to consider to get your page indexed, but keyword usage is one of the most important!

    You might have a huge product selection in your inventory and organizing all of that can affect your SEO score. Hybris allows you to optimize your metatags for every product you’re selling and it can be easily managed. 

    Types of Hybris Products

    If you want variety, Hybris has it! There are variations under SAP Hybris’ name and each one focuses on a specific function to specialize in. 

    • Hybris Commerce
    • Hybris Marketing
    • Hybris Revenue/Billing
    • Hybris Cloud for Customer for Sales
    • Hybris Cloud for Customer for Service.

    All of these are part of the Hybris’ product family and it shares the main functions as the original version. Each of the Hybris products aim to satisfy customer experience on your site and perform well in management, sales, and marketing to do so.

    Hybris Features

    Hybris’ services cover a huge range of tasks in managing your ecommerce site. Its features are customer and data-centric to give accurate information and results to you. 


    The Omnichannel is the highlight feature of Hybris. This is what makes it stand out amongst other ecommerce platforms and management tools. Having the Omnichannel guarantees you access from B2B to B2C sites through their tools.

    From here, you can easily switch between channels and attend to various customers’ needs. It will let anyone who visits your site be able to access it from any device and they won’t face any difficulties or differences during their visit. 

    Management Tools

    Storing data and filing information is more manageable with Hybris’ tools. You’ll have access to these management tools:

    • Product Content Management
    • Catalog Management
    • Versatile Document Management
    • Sales Performance 
    • Subscription Order Management
    • Customer Finances 

    SEO Tools

    Hybris also comes with the fully-optimized SEO tools that will help you in getting your site noticed by search engines. Since Hybris specializes in marketing as well, it requires having SEO tools to make this task more efficient. 

    Hybris: Is It Worth It?

    The common question for any new platform you want to try out is “Is it worth it?”. Of course, you’ll need to know the pros and cons of it before you decide your purchase. 

    We’ll explain briefly here what makes Hybris worth and what to watch out for when you buy it. 


    The key feature of Hybris is its omni-channel. The Omni-channel feature allows more accessibility for your visitors and it doesn’t disrupt their user experience. Your ecommerce store can be accessed from any device and lets you use high-quality tools to manage the data. 

    Hybris focuses on the customer’s experience more than anything which helps elevate the status of your site in terms of both reputation and SEO. It gathers data from all the visitors who drop by and gives you updates on its performance.


    One of the downsides in using Hybris is that it might take a while for you to learn how to use it, especially if you’re new to this. You might encounter numerous problems related to its integration process due to its limited ecosystem.

    Hybris has provided white papers to combat these issues, but it can be overwhelming for ecommerce companies that are just starting out.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What is SAP Hybris?

    SAP Hybris is a system that operates as an ecommerce platform and serves multiple functions to increase customer satisfaction. It collects data and provides the most accurate information to guide you in boosting traction to your site. 

    Its omni-channel feature lets your site be accessible to all customers across all kinds of devices. Your ecommerce store can reach from B2B to B2C markets with ease, which effectively helps you attend to your customers needs quickly. 

    How much does it cost to own a Hybris-based website?

    Currently, SAP Hybris’ license costs around $54,000 per year. 

    Are there other Hybris models I can get?

    Under the SAP Hybris’ product family, you can purchase specific models that specialize in different aspects of SEO. There are 5 models that cover a range of tasks from commerce, marketing, and sales.

    Here is a list of the Hybris’ products:

    • Hybris Commerce
    • Hybris Marketing
    • Hybris Revenue/Billing
    • Hybris Cloud for Customer for Sales
    • Hybris Cloud for Customer for Service.
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