Woocommerce SEO: Making Your Ecommerce Store Known

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    If you’ve been using WordPress as a platform for your business, then you’ve probably come across the Woocommerce plugin. Upgrade your ecommerce site with Woocommerce SEO as it has all the tools you need to make your website known.

    It’s recommended that you try out Woocommerce, especially if you have an online store, because of what each function targets in terms of your SEO needs. Why Woocommerce? We’ll explain that to you here how it’ll help you in building an efficient layout for your store.

    What is Woocommerce SEO?

    Woocommerce SEO is a WordPress plugin meant to improve the flexibility and statistics of your ecommerce site. It was launched back on September 27, 2011, and since then, it has been widely known online for its simplicity. 

    From small to large businesses, Woocommerce has been able to accommodate all of them and shown amazing results. Its tools were designed to boost traffic to your site via content and make the whole SEO process smoother for you. 

    These tools include some of the basic functions you need such as:

    • Optimizing page titles and other meta tags
    • Unlimited customization in themes and page layout
    • Permalink
    • Organizing through products, customers, and sales
    • Enables breadcrumb navigation

    You can count on Woocommerce for its reliability as it’s been downloaded by over 27 million users. There is more thaT Woocommerce can do and we’ll go on to explain it in the simplest way for you to understand how helpful it could be to your business.

    Basic Woocommerce SEO settings

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    The settings for Woocommerce shares the same dashboard layout as WordPress’ content management system. You can easily maneuver your way through the settings because of its simplistic theme. 

    As you can see, it already has all the main functions you need set up in the Woocommerce settings. If there’s anything else you want to add, the official Woocommerce website has more extensions you can add to this plug-in.

    If you installed Woocommerce via Rank Math, then it’s advisable for Rank Math themself to remove certain codes or disable specific functions to fully utilize it. 


    In the Orders category, you’ll be able to monitor all the orders placed by your customers. You can check their status here and the customer’s details along with the actions needed to successfully finish the transaction. 

    It simplifies how the ordering process looks for the user and it’s color-coded to make it easier on the eyes. If the customer realizes there’s a mistake somewhere, you’ll be able to edit it with ease on Woocommerce. 


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    Here you’ll see the list of all the customers who have ordered from your store in the past. The history log is clearly shown along with the statistics of your revenue and the general progress of your business.


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    Coupons are a way to win a visitor or a customer’s attention and heart online! Luckily, Woocommerce has a Coupons category where you can implement giving coupons to visitors and increase the chances of gaining regular customers. 


    Compared to the Customers category, the Reports section presents the general progress of your website via visual aid (i.e. graphs and charts). Review how your sales are going and easily compare it to previous reports in the click of a button!

    Simply click through the options to see reports of your revenue and store’s status in various timeframes. It can be set to yearly, last month, this month, or in the past 7 days. 

    Under the Reports section, there are other reports you can check such as statistics about your regular customers vs guests and product stocks. It’s easier to gauge if your store is doing well and what products are gaining a regular customer’s attention. 


    As the name suggests, the Settings section is where you’ll edit details about your site, manage your inventory, and emails. Other tabs include payment methods, integrations, account data, and other advanced settings. 

    Explore how you want to set up your website once you’ve installed Woocommerce!


    This is where it’ll get a bit technical. In the Status section, it will give you an overall analysis of the system. It lists down all the technical details that’s included in the system and other files or tools used under Woocommerce. 


    For easy access, Woocommerce already has your back and added an Extensions category for you! You can check out what you can add like new payment methods or marketing strategies to your system. 

    Advantages of using Woocommerce SEO

    Since there are numerous SEO platforms available, you’re probably wondering what else could stand out when you use Woocommerce. It provides the standard SEO materials needed to elevate your site’s quality.

    One of its perks is that it’s considered to be cheaper than the majority of the SEO plugins you might come across. Of course, it depends on what platform you decide to host your ecommerce store, but generally speaking, it can cost as low as $3.95 for a paid monthly subscription. 

    It also offers high-level security and transparency through the reports in the Woocommerce Settings and Reports sections. Through Woocommerce, you will have full control over your store!

    Difference between other SEO marketing methods

    The difference between Woocommerce and any other SEO platform is the fact that Woocommerce is specifically designed to reach the needs and expectations of an ecommerce platform. 

    It has also become one of the most popular plugins used in any ecommerce WordPress site and you need a WordPress account to access it. It’s known to be an open-source platform where other extensions connected to it can be added to your website. 

    With endless options to go through to improve the status of your store, there is so much you can experiment with to see what works for you. 

    How is Woocommerce SEO-friendly?

    Yes, Woocommerce is definitely SEO-friendly! It’s evident through the number of tools they offer to help improve the state of your website. The dashboard itself is organized in a way where you can easily navigate your way through countless customization options from the start.

    Note that since you need a WordPress account or any platform compatible with the Woocommerce plugin, it is meant to enhance the default SEO settings for WordPress.

    How your site ranking can improve with Woocommerce SEO

    It can improve in various aspects when you use Woocommerce as your SEO platform. As it is an open-source platform, you’re able to connect many extensions to it as well as edit multiple sections of your website to your liking. 

    Over 650 extensions are available to choose from at the official Woocommerce website. These extensions can vary from improving your marketing assets to what payment methods you can add to your store’s options. With all these tools at your disposal, you can create a positive impact with your site once you learn how to properly use the Woocommerce plugin.

    5 Platforms you can host Woocommerce SEO

    Woocommerce is available on multiple platforms, but there are four main ones you can host it on—SiteGround, Bluehost, Pressable, and WordPress VIP. On these sites, you’ll be able to buy and install the extension for Woocommerce SEO. 

    If you need credentials for any of these sites, they are highly credible as WordPress themselves recommend using these platforms to host your site on. From here, you’ll even be able to have a custom domain name once you purchase a subscription from these hosting platforms. 

    For anyone who has only started in the ecommerce community, it’s completely up to you which platform you want to use. What we mean by web hosting here, it is basically where you want to set up your site and connect the Woocommerce extension to. 


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    Since 2004, Siteground has been able to support ecommerce users by assisting them in their journey. They aim to deliver the best solutions to boost your sales and get your store noticed on the web. 

    Siteground provides a 24/7 help service for ecommerce hosts around the world if they encounter any issues with their site. WordPress is already installed in their system, so you’ll be able to utilize Woocommerce’s tools for your website. 

    Pricing: $3.95 per month


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    Work hand-in-hand with Bluehost to set up your ecommerce store online! At the same monthly price as SiteGround, you’ll be able to have full control over your site and set it up to be mobile-friendly.

    It offers pay-per-click (PPC) services and proper ad placements to boost traffic to your site. You can also use Bluehost’s tools to find the right audience for your business and focus on marketing it to all those interested. 

    They have additional features when you host a Woocommerce site on Bluehost such as Paypal Pro, Shipstation, Premium bundle, and more! You’ll be able to fully customize the site to your needs and host multiple sites with these tools attached to it. 

    Pricing: $3.95 per month


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    Anyone who loves using WordPress will love using Pressable. What Pressable has to offer is an increase in a site’s performance and security to prevent any malware from entering your store’s system. 

    To save the progress and edits you made on your site, it also has a special backup feature where it’ll backup all your data on a daily basis. Train with WordPress experts to learn how you can use all its features to your advantage. 

    This package from Pressable and Woocommerce lets you handle up to 5 sites per their monthly subscription. It isn’t a bad deal especially if you’re managing many businesses at the same time. 

    Pricing: $25 per month for 5 sites

    WordPress.com VIP

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    Step up your game if you decide to choose WordPress VIP. WordPress is the primary platform for Woocommerce since it is originally a plugin for it. If you have a WordPress account, then you can avail of the updated WordPress VIP. 

    The data from your website will be transferred and backed on the cloud. The reason why it reaches a quite large budget for its monthly subscription is that it is a bit more advanced than the usual WordPress business plan.

    WordPress VIP is ideal for users who have large-scale businesses. It is quite pricey because it uses advanced coding, which you might have to refer to a specialist to handle. This kind of subscription plan can work if this will be for the long run.                              

    Pricing: $5,000 per month

    Which Woocommerce Plug-In for your Ecommerce Store

    Next step after choosing where you want to set up and install it is utilizing its SEO features on your site. It can be a bit confusing if this is your first time, but we’ll explain how it works and how you can use other Woocommerce-related plug-ins. 


    First, you can go straight to Woocommerce itself! At their official website, you can find information, blogs, and more extensions to get for your Woocommerce plugin. These extensions are meant to enhance the user experience.

    This selection varies depending on what you need for your site. Each category can be found for Woocommerce’s extension:

    • Product Type
    • Marketing
    • Payments
    • Shipping
    • Store Management
    • Subscriptions
    • Other enhancements for your store.

    This is where you can get the Woocommerce extension, but it requires you to have a site under WordPress to activate it. 

    Pair it up with either the Yoast or Rank Math plug-in

    Searching for plugins or extensions related to Woocommerce can be a bit frustrating, but fortunately, we found two of the most popular extensions that companies often use. You can either get Yoast or Rank Math’s version!

    These two can provide different solutions to the problems, but they effectively and efficiently provide similar results. They are both able to help simplify the SEO process while assisting your store in rising through the search engine ranks. 

    Yoast’s features in Woocommerce

    Let’s begin with the most popular plugin of Woocommerce under WordPress—Yoast. Yoast is known to be optimized to fit the standards and functions of Woocommerce. 

    One of the interesting features you can do with it is that you can preview what your products will look like on Google. You can check the preview for the mobile and desktop versions to see if everything fits. 

    Along with the preview feature, you can set up your social media accounts in your store. Previews for Facebook and Twitter posts can be viewed through Yoast and check if it matches what post you envisioned it being. 

    Yoast Woocommerce is also perfect for newbies to the ecommerce world because it also includes a training module with 9 modules! It offers you step-by-step guides on how you can fully optimize your website. 

    You’ll be able to take your first step in the right direction with their program and get in contact with their 24/7 email support team if you encounter any problems.


    Yoast Woocommerce can be considered quite pricey especially if you’re new to using it in general. It has a yearly subscription and bundles you can choose from. 

    Listed below are the standard prices:

    • Yoast Woocommerce Plug-in – $69 (excluding VAT) / year
    • Yoast Woocommerce Premium bundle – $129 (excluding VAT) / year

    For the Yoast Woocommerce Premium bundle, the $129 price is only applicable to one site. If you’re interested in applying it to more than one site, the bundle scales up to handling 150 sites and with a 50% discount, this all costs $9,675 per year.

    Rank Math’s features in Woocommerce

    First, make sure that you have activated the Woocommerce extension by going onto the Rank Math dashboard. Go through Rank Math > Dashboard to check if this option has been enabled. Once you do this then the Woocommerce SEO is activated for your website. 

    On their official website, Rank Math explains a step-by-step process on what features to enable and disable especially if you are a beginner. This may include parent slugs, Woocommerce generator tag, and other codes to ensure a smoother process. It’s advisable to disable these unless you know how to use them. 

    When you create a page, you will receive immediate feedback as the metadata is graded while you input the information needed about your product. You can also see the preview of what it could look like on Google as you write. 

    The layout of its settings is designed to be simple so anyone can edit and manage their pages with ease. You can edit the canonical tags and permalinks from its settings and also enable the Breadcrumbs feature for users to have a smoother user experience in your store. 


    At a standard price, these are the prices of the Rank Math’s Woocommerce plugins based on subscription plan:

    • Pro plan – $129 / year
    • Business plan – $429 / year

    If you encounter any issues with Rank Math that might conflict with your current site’s setup, then you can request a refund within the first 30 days of use. They provide a 30-day money-back guarantee service. 

    Woocommerce General Features

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    Edit product page layout

    How you present your products on your website is more important than you think. This is what will determine if visitors will stay long enough to check out other products. When setting this up, you have to make sure that how it looks will immediately grab their attention. 

    Product Description

    Writing a description for all of your products is very helpful for anyone who might be new to your site. This is the basis for any new visitors to your site or another way to introduce a new product you’re putting on your digital shelf.

    Meta information

    Meta information is incredibly important for Woocommerce because this will be the bots’ basis for crawling and indexing your pages. What this means is that any search engine like Google sends bots to your site and lets it crawl your page to see how relevant it can be to a chosen keyword.

    Try using these keywords creatively to catch anyone’s attention while also promoting your brand. 

    Meta titles

    The meta title is the first thing people see when they search up their keyword on any search engine. This can garner the attention of anyone depending on how creative the title is and if it matches with their keyword search. 

    Meta descriptions

    Once you catch their attention with your title, visitors are more likely to read your meta description to see if it matches what they are looking for. For this part, you’ll need to include some keywords as well for it to be searchable on Google.

    With Woocommerce, you can easily edit your meta descriptions and find creative ways to catch any reader’s attention. Make sure that you update your descriptions especially if you have a promo or offers for your products. 

    Categorize and use tags

    You must know how you want to organize your website. This is done easily with the help of putting your products into categories and tags. Organizing it this way will not only help you but also any customers navigating through your store. 

    Adding product tags on what you’re selling is suitable when you combine it with the filter option. This is so that people can find the product they are looking for with the click of a button. 

    Breadcrumb navigation

    Breadcrumbs are an element on the web page that reveals the visitor’s navigation through your site. This is to help you monitor and track to see what the user did when they visited your store and help them move around easier.

    If you own a large online business, then utilizing this feature will help your visitor be able to backtrack or switch categories easily. You can usually find this function at the top of the page where it shows you the categories you went through to reach the current page you’re on. 

    This is common in news/blog sites or stores with a diverse selection of products and it is typically represented in this manner:

    Home > “Category 1” > “Category 2” > Current page

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    With Woocommerce, you can enable this feature so this can bring a better user experience for anyone who drops by your store. There are also numerous Woocommerce themes that display breadcrumbs as a default feature.


    Every business concern is the store’s security when it goes online. There are issues of hackers or bugs entering the program due to malware in the system. When a bug like this enters the system, it can damage both your brand’s reputation and SEO score in the rankings.

    Unfortunately, Woocommerce does not come with a security extension in the plug-in. Since it’s a plug-in for an existing platform (WordPress), its security relies on the site you decide to host on. It all depends on where you host it to know if you’ll receive security for your store. 

    Among the platforms mentioned before, the host that comes with an SSL certificate is Bluehost. For others, you’ll need to achieve that by sourcing your own SSL certificate.  

    Payment Methods

    A customer’s ideal store would have to include one that has multiple payment options. If your ecommerce store accommodates people worldwide, that’s where payment options can get a bit tricky. Woocommerce has the solution to that!

    Woocommerce has around 117 payment options ranging from Paypal, Stripe, Visa, and more. With this many options, your customers will be able to find at least one way to pay for it via online credit transactions and delivery. 

    Recommended Themes & Prices

    When you check out Woocommerce, you’ll see that there are countless templates and designs you can choose to decorate your store’s layout with. Customize it however you like and see which one draws the most traction.

    We’ve listed three SEO and user-friendly themes you can try using: 


    P4tURnIqInKFa hJUbgRciWNUC9Ev5RcOxK9u3QNgA fZizm1UC wVAo9bsWM2B46RIpqezTaNO4NcvPPqWd7QUL82UcVxjvmA

    Schema is one of the most popular templates chosen for sites that aim for a simplistic style and maintains SEO-friendly functionality. You can manage up to 3 sites if you pay at its standard price of $69. Try the demo first to see if it suits your fancy because it enhances the user experience with faster loading pages and translation-ready options.

    Control how your store looks like with its custom CSS support where you can restyle the whole design of the Schema theme. Schema offers you more freedom in what you can do with the layout including unlimited backgrounds, Google fonts, and ready-to-use icons.

    There is also a built-in review system, so you can receive and monitor your customer’s feedback regarding your products. It helps you understand if there is need for improvement in your services and for other customers to know more about your products. 

    It’s fully responsive and maintains its SEO-friendly features on all devices. So no matter what device the visitor is on, Google will be able to crawl your pages and index them properly for higher chances of getting on the first page of search results. 


    Sb FrjdszUygn3VmhT291LQ16ssYwZnxqun8Prj9G8iDjHN8Xck1NduQyzdrjrHC0iskzOzGsbbCCAt50Hqc7aC2H VvcuHmOfmEJuzreU1afiTmIqqhZo2C CsLbO1KLr3yblqt

    If you’re looking for the fastest theme for Woocommerce, it’s highly recommended to use Shoptimizer! It has reached over 90% rating in loading speeds and is ranked in the top 5 amongst all Woocommerce themes in terms of speed. Pages will load quicker now on both desktop and mobile.

    Not only will you get quick loading speed, but Shoptimizer has additional features that will make the overall user experience even better! This theme has a call-back feature that allows you to contact your customers for any inquiries about your products. 

    You can improve your SEO score as well because Shoptimizer allows you to add a description for your categories. More main keywords can be utilized in the description so it can be seen by Google and increases your chances of getting ranked.

    Other features include badges and pop-up notifications for new and regular customers. To show the credibility of your store, you can even display badges that show how safe and trusted your business is. It also comes with pop-up notifications to show visitors what are the popular products being bought in real-time. 


    KM5Vm5F1fCuo 0kRoVxPatpFFIVpQG1SM0We7sqdANzqnvDFq2 JWpm1dfk2chE35OJOqsdOpoBkkXRzKNpapdyazYQiXb Qn6UyfKhXanAugxY5Abq WRa

    What makes the Flatsome theme so user-friendly, it’s the drag-and-drop builder it has for setting up your pages. You don’t need to know anything about coding to begin building your website through this theme.

    When you start using Flatsome, it has numerous pre-made themes and you can fully customize it. Every theme holds a diverse array of elements you can use per page like multimedia functions (i.e. images and videos), testimonials/reviews, icons, and more! 

    Flatsome is worth $59 at its default settings. For more features, you have to purchase its extensions. Once you buy it, you’ll be able to receive lifetime updates that make it consistently compatible with the new Woocommerce versions. 

    You can achieve so much with your store because of how flexible this Woocommerce theme is. Luckily, there’s a demo for any of the themes under Flatsome where you can view and check how the navigation flows as a user. 

    Final tips for Woocommerce SEO

    Stepping into Woocommerce can be overwhelming since there is a lot to consider, but learning how it works and benefits your business will pay off in the long run. It’s been a tried and tested method that has worked for 27 million users worldwide. 

    After listing down the platforms you can host, types of Woocommerce plug-ins, and themes, you can determine which ones align with what you want on your site. In terms of platforms, you’ll have to find one that fits your budget because this is where your store will be for a while.

    There are some slight differences between the types of plug-ins (Yoast and Rank Math) under Woocommerce, but both essentially work the same way. Yoast, however, does focus on the social media aspect while Rank Math is more focused on building the site and developing its SEO potential. 

    Finally, for themes, this is purely up to you! It all depends on what aesthetic you want your store to give along with each of their neat features you want to include on your site. Stick to one that matches your brand and customize it to your heart’s content. 

    Exercise the freedom you can do with Woocommerce and your store can reach greater heights in terms of web design and SEO aspects!

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