The Power Of Segmented Marketing Via Google Affinity Audiences

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Running Google ad campaigns requires a lot of effort. Not only does it involve creative processes such as design and copywriting, but it also requires a certain amount of money to spend on running the ad campaigns. 

To avoid wasting ad campaign budgets, marketers must only show their ads to audiences who are more likely to convert. This is where Google affinity audiences can help them strategise audience targeting for increased conversions.

As a digital marketing agency and SEM agency, we particularly implement affinity audiences to ensure that every ad campaign running for our clients targets the right audience. Hence, we can confidently demonstrate how to do it through this article.

Let’s get into it and discover the power of affinity audiences!

What Are Google Affinity Audiences?

Google ads logo to illustrate or give context to the reader that google affinity audiences are a part of it.

Google affinity audiences are audience targeting used by the Google Display Network (GDN) to deliver your ads to relevant people. The relevancy is considered based on specific interests, hobbies, or passions, known as consumer behaviour.

Advertisers widely use affinity audiences to raise awareness and encourage consideration among affinity groups with a strong interest in their products or services. The same reason should apply to you if you use this audience-targeting method.

The reason is that targeting the right audience using affinity audiences is seamless. Google carefully curates these audiences from the vast data they collect on user behaviour, user activities, and preferences, making people interested in the same subjects brought by your ads to engage and convert.

Moreover,  Google affinity audiences go beyond keyword targeting. This audience-targeting method taps into users’ broader online behaviour to reach potential customers who may not have explicitly searched for their products or services.

You can choose from the predefined audience segments to run effective campaigns with affinity audiences. The segments range from wide interests, from technology and travel to fitness and fashion.

Otherwise, you may also create custom affinity audiences. Customising affinity audiences is especially useful when your products or services fall into a specific niche that the predefined audience segments haven’t covered yet.

What Are The Advantages Of Affinity Audiences?

Affinity audiences can assist businesses in identifying the market and who are more likely than the typical individual to notice or respond to their advertisements. 

Flexible Ads Configuration

Flexible reach is a Google Ads feature that enables you to target or monitor the performance of various themes, locations, audiences, demographics, statuses, or earnings. 

You will no longer have to worry about listing the possible elements that you want to include in targeting your potential customers. It guarantees you the ability to track these different specifications depending on your required metric. 

These factors can all be adjusted to targeting or observation at the ad group level, whereas audiences can be set at the campaign or ad group level.

Help You to Narrow Your Audience

Google introduced unique affinity audiences to provide marketers with more precise control over audience targeting options on the display network.

Knowing what makes your audience happy is one way to win the online battle. If you know where to shift your focus, it will be easier to connect to your marketing audience. 

Of course, you will have to start with broad audiences before you can narrow them down to potent connections. In this way, it will be faster for your target market to locate and do business with you. 

When To Use Google Affinity Audiences?

When You Need to Do Some Branding 

Let’s say you are launching a new sustainable fashion line and want to introduce this line. You could target “fashionistas” who are “passionate about the environment.”

When You Need More Controlled Targeting

When you target people using the keyword “travelling package,” for example, you target a wide range of audiences who are looking for that keyword on SERP. But if you use an affinity audience such as “luxury travellers” you can control your ad targeting and only show your ads to that affinity group. This would be beneficial for you if your product price range is on the higher side and you have a specific target audience in mind.

When You Want to Target a Specific Group of People based on Their Interests

Add affinity audiences to your audience targeting to reach people who have special interests while they surf web pages. To show advertising to those who are likely to be enthusiasts, choose from a variety of categories ranging from “car fanatics” and “sports fans” to “luxury tourists” and “fashionistas.” If your product appeals to a diverse audience, you can customise your message based on the affinity audience’s interest groups.

How to Set Up Google Affinity Audiences

Affinity Audiences are beneficial for all ad types, although Google recommends utilising them specifically for Display and Video campaigns aimed at the awareness stage of the marketing funnel.

  1. Begin by making a new campaign.
  2. Log in to your Google Ads account and click Campaigns from the left-hand menu.
  3. Then, to begin a new campaign, click the + button.
  4. Choose your campaign’s aim and the type of ad you wish to produce.
  5. Select a campaign subtype, then press the Continue button.
  6. Give your campaign a name and configure the Location, Languages, Bidding, and Budget options.

You’ll then build your ad group.

  1. Give your ad group a name, then navigate to the Audiences area. This is where Affinity Audiences can be found.
  2. To select your Affinity Audience, use the three tabs — Search, Ideas, and Browse. Select your target audience from the list.
  3. You can narrow it down to pick a subtype if you prefer.

Expected Result from Google Affinity Audiences 

Increased ROI

By generating display ads for affinity audiences, businesses can increase the return on investment (ROI) of their advertising expenditure.

Two things can help you with this: solidifying your brand recognition and discovering new audiences. 

Growing Brand Awareness

The quality of your brand’s internet traffic and shop visitors improves when you design display advertisements for affinity audiences based on their interests, who are more likely than most to interact with their ads and remember their brand. 

Discover new potential customers

You can design display ads to increase sales for in-market affinity audiences. 

Display ads to these highly reactive potential clients, who are more likely than others to acquire a product or service, help you enhance your advertising ROI.

Final Thoughts 

Targeting the right audience for your brand makes a lot of difference. 

You will have the advantage of increasing your revenue and gaining more traction online. The best thing about affinity audience targeting is that it improves the possibility of revenue and closes the gap between what you spend on ads and what you earn back.

We understand that reaching the perfect audience or targeting the right market is crucial to everyone in digital marketing. It is what makes everything challenging and fun at the same time. 

However, as a digital marketing agency with proven experience in providing SEM Services, we’re up for any challenges because finding the right audience for your brand is what we strive for your growth. 

We ensure that you will get the most out of what you have invested in every ad or project by providing you with straightforward strategies. 

If you want to collaborate with us and see how we do digital marketing, you are welcome to set an appointment with us

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