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Life Events Google Ads – Capturing Audiences Through Life’s Moments

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Who would have thought that one’s milestone can be a critical component of your advertising campaign? That’s what Life Events Google Ads focus on.

When Google released this development under their Google Ads in 2017, advertisers, especially SEM agency, were ecstatic because they can now reach people based on their recent or expected key life events. 

You know exactly how this method of digital marketing can bring more advantages to your brand as it pushes consumers to modify their purchasing patterns and make large purchases when they are celebrating these micro-moments.  

What is Life Events Google Ads Targeting? 

Life Event

Before we dig deeper into this audience targeting, we must first define what is a life event. 

A life event is a rare, once-in-a-lifetime occurrence in our lives. It is something that brings great impact to who we are, thus affecting our needs and wants in the long run.

Life Event Targeting

Life events audiences targeting enable you to reach people at critical junctures in their lives when they are most likely to make major purchasing decisions. 

Some of these momentous events include: buying a home, starting a new job, and retiring.

Yes. Life events are rare and may reach a lower fraction than affinities. However, because life events can be linked to a variety of related consumer choices, the segment is usually larger than the in-market segment, which is linked to a single purchase decision.


Google released this in 2017 intending to give advertisers a solution for targeting new semantic, high-intent audiences that allow them to engage with viewers at significant life events by capturing them in key micro-moments.

Before anything else, it should be noted that this targeting option before was only accessible at the ad group level in either Gmail or video campaigns. It is also unknown at that time whether or not search or display campaigns will receive the same treatment.

Life Events targeting is available within an account under the Audiences tab. 

Audiences can then be further categorised based on whether they are preparing for or have recently experienced one of the specified life events. 

Life events can also be blended with in-market, affinity, or remarketing audiences to help you narrow down your target market.

Life Events Targeting VS Detailed Demographics

What are Detailed Demographics?

The more specific your client demographics are, the simpler it is to focus your marketing to a certain set of people. 

The only thing common about these people is that they have certain characteristics. Knowing as much as you can about your present clients and those you want to reach simplifies the process of determining which ads to target to whom.

In 2018, Google ads revealed these detailed demographic categories:

  • Education 
  • Homeowner Status
  • Marital Status
  • Parenting Stages 

How does this work?

You can quickly alter your bids for different target audiences, target people in highly competitive demographics, or exclude people from seeing your advertising entirely if you have detailed demographics. 

Ensure that you choose Targeting rather than Observation when configuring your ad campaign.

By checking the box next to Targeting, you narrow your audience to extremely particular groups from the start, rather than doing an observation period on a more general audience initially. 

When using Targeting, you can still exclude any group you choose, such as people who rent their property. This gives you complete control over who sees and does not see your company’s advertisements.

Can We Combine Life Events & Detailed Demographics Setting?

Definitely! Another genius feature Google Ads added is that You can combine any audience criteria with Combined audiences, such as detailed demographics, life events, and remarketing lists.

How to use the Combined audience feature?

To create a Combine audience, go to the Audiences Manager under Tools & Settings in the Google Ads UI and click Add a New Audience. 

Under Browse, you’ll find the option for “Combined audiences.” The audience builder will then appear. 

You can add numerous “Or” audiences and exclude groups, such as current customers. The “And” mechanism is also available to narrow your audience further.

Life Events on Google Ads 

Google has identified the following significant life events for advertising to target. Each of these can assist marketers in hyper-targeting these individuals or eliminating them from your ad group.

Business Creation 

Not everyone will get to have the experience of starting their own business; thus, it is a rare milestone. 

It is a perfect opportunity for you to set your campaign pointing to audiences that are starting a new business venture. They are in the mood to make purchases to kick start their companies. 

Above all, people who are starting a new business will require more than just a brilliant strategy—they will look for ways to sustain their operation, thus needing financial assistance or loans, an office or storefront, legal and tax assistance, new bank accounts, accounting services, payroll services, and help marketing themselves online on search engines.

College Graduation 

There are a variety of reasons to reach out to young adults as they transition from students to career-minded individuals. 

Many of these hopefuls have never needed to purchase formal work clothes before and they will rush online to check for available options. 

This is an excellent opportunity for clothing businesses to advertise for increased demand for professional apparel required for interviews and gigs.

Home Renovation 

Aside from having your place, nothing beats the feeling of a fresh home. 

People who are planning to make home renovations rely more on suppliers that give them a better deal. Home interior designers or companies that offer home services for repairs on furniture and fixture can take advantage of this. 

Job Change 

Another big life event that advertising can now target is individuals who are preparing to or have recently changed employment. 

Many firms are already aware of the importance of a well-targeted ad in attracting top talent, and this will undoubtedly assist them in finding personnel ready for their new challenge.

A job search entails much more than simply giving these professionals a new work option. 

These prospective job prospects are likely to be in the market for a wide range of items and services, including resume writing services, new interview clothes, travel, and, in some cases, relocation services.


Anyone who has planned or assisted in the planning of a wedding understands how much effort it is. 

When someone is getting married, there are numerous possibilities for different providers to be front and centre—florists, dress shops, photographers, event planners, and so on.

And, what is a wedding without a registry and newlyweds receiving many appliances? Home goods and appliances have a significant potential to appeal to couples who will soon be equipping their new homes or apartments.

Travel agencies might also target this population, given that those intending to marry are also inclined to plan their honeymoons!


Having gone through this event lately after graduating from college, we are well aware of the numerous stressors that come with moving, particularly moving to a new place. 

The process is intimidating, and if you’re anything like everyone else, you’ll postpone in the hopes that everything will fall into place eventually—and then hurriedly search Google for moving services and recommendations.

Finding a moving truck is one of the most stressful aspects of moving. Advertisers could easily target those who needed moving trucks, pods, or storage units. Real estate agencies, on the other hand, may advertise to consumers wishing to rent or buy a new home.

New Pet 

Nothing is more exciting than having a new pet!

Having a new place to start your adult life gives you the freedom to have a new pet. We bet you experience being reprimanded by your parents for getting a puppy or a kitten because you lack the space for them. Fortunately, you now have enough space for your fur babies! 

Some say that having a pet is like raising a real human being, which means you will need to look for stuff for them online. These might include looking for the best veterinary clinics, food, pet salons and even spas to pamper your well-loved animals. 

Purchasing a Home

Buying a home is one of the most significant purchases you will make in your life. However, before you make that big buy, you should do some research, planning, and web surfing. 

Real estate advertisers understand how difficult it can be to convert searches in their business and how difficult it can be to discover people who are ready to make the big move—and this new targeting is a dream for these clients.

Aside from purchasing a home, this audience will most likely be looking for a mortgage and finance, insurance, moving services, new furnishings, and all the amenities they’ll require in their new home. 

Marketers from a variety of industries may like to reach this group while they are all set to make large purchases.


Targeting recent or soon-to-be retirees is set to be a gold mine for advertisers looking to reach that demographic.

Retirement planning is a big sector these days, so financial advisors must pay attention to this demographic.

Aside from planning their money, many of these retirees will be eager to invest in more insurance, get that golf club and hobby equipment they’ve been eyeing, and finally take that vacation they’ve been putting off!

Benefits of Life Events Targeting & Detailed Demographics

Smaller Audiences 

What makes live events a brilliant marketing strategy is that it is too specific and focused on one area of your target market. 

Let’s admit it. Not everyone gets to have all of the above-mentioned milestones every day, but we definitely know someone who reaches either one of those milestones. 

Higher Conversion Rate Possibility

Since you have a more direct and specific market for this type of advertising strategy, you will have a higher chance of converting more. 

You have set your campaign based on the life events categories, meaning, you know which angle to look at or the campaign to assess which performs better or requires some adjustments. 

How to Set Life Events on Your Google Ads 

Google suggest these steps on how to use life events audiences:

  1. Start by opening the tools & settings, then navigate to Audience Manager.
  1. In the Combined Segment tab, click create, pick & choose which live events segments you would like to use
  1. Once you’ve selected the lists you want to target, click Create.
  2. When you are creating your campaign, you can choose this audience that you have set before as your target audience

Final Thoughts 

Achieving something in life is one of the best feelings in the world. For others, it can be buying a new car, finishing a degree, getting a promotion, or as simple as upgrading their kitchen wares. All of these things make up the happiest moments of our lives. 

As digital marketers, it matters that we are aware of these things to get to know our audiences more so we can better offer them something that will make these occasions special and memorable. 

At Roots Digital, our SEM service value our clients like our business partners. We ensure to know them so we can offer the best, tailored digital marketing strategies to help them in their organisation. 

We would love to be part of every milestone your company will reach in the future. Let us collaborate and make this happen together! 


What are life events in Google Ads?

Google Ads Life events include the following:

– Business Creation 
– College Graduation 
– Home Renovation 
– Job Change 
– Marriage 
– Moving 
– New Pet 
– Purchasing a Home
– Retirement

How do I target my audience on Google Ads?

Tab for Targeting

1. Navigate to Manage > Google Ads.
2. At the top of the page, you’ll notice a tab labelled “Targeting.” Enter this area by clicking here.
3. On the same page, you can view current audiences and exclusions. To make modifications, click the green “Edit Targeting” button at the top right.

Developing a New Campaign

1. Navigate to Manage > Google Ads and click the green “New Campaign” button.
2. Determine whether you’re making a new Search Ad or a Display Ad.
3. Fill out the first page’s information and then click “Save and Continue.”
4. There is a “Targeting” section on this page. 
5. To add a targeted audience, click the “Target your audiences” hyperlink.

What are the targeting options in Google AdWords?

Google display targeting

Display advertising is most effective on those that fit your consumer persona or on users who are interested in your brand, products, or services.

Google search targeting

Search advertisements, on the other hand, often work best on potential buyers who are actively looking for what your company offers or on individuals who have previously interacted with your organisation.

Demographics Targeting
Google Ads includes demographic filters that allow you to target people that are similar to your client persona.

Topic targeting
Topic targeting defines where your display advertisements appear and guarantees that your adverts appear only alongside relevant content to your audience. 

You can choose websites, applications, and videos that coincide with issues that resonate with your audience or pertain to your brand using this form of contextual targeting.

Placement Targeting

Placement targeting allows you to be even more particular about where your display advertising appears. You may choose which web pages, apps, and videos your adverts will appear on.

Keyword Targeting

Keyword targeting is available in both search and display advertising, although it works differently on each network. 

You can include phrases relating to your brand, products, and services in display campaigns to assist Google Ads to locate appropriate sites to advertise your advertising on. To generate ideas, use Google Keyword Planner.

Audience targeting

Would you rather target users based on their activities and interests? Google Ads also provides a variety of pre-built and custom-built user categories known as audiences.

Optimised Targeting

Google Ads optimises targeting based on your landing pages and creative assets to drive more conversions. 

You can disable this additional targeting once you’ve added any of the manual options listed above. If you want Google to increase your targeting automatically, leave this option on.

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About Roots Digital

Roots Digital is an award-winning digital marketing agency and SEO agency headquartered in Singapore, specialising in eCommerce Marketing and lead generation.

Some of our core digital marketing services include SEO servicesSEM services, Google Ads management servicesGoogle Analytics services and more.

Feel free to reach out if you’re interested in working with us. Connect with us via our service enquiry form. You may schedule a call for more information and to know more about our digital marketing services.

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